Best travel Hacks

In the beginning, amateurs make a lot of travel mistakes. None of us is born savvy travellers. It only comes with experience. Recently, travel hacks are becoming quite popular. Travelling hacks save you a lot of money. These travelling tips will make you a better traveller

1. Use Incognito Mode for cheaper flights

Very often, flight prices increase when searched a few times in your web browser, the same works for cabs if you are booking online. Based on your cookies in the browser, when repeatedly search, flight prices increase for a particular route. These online portals are smart enough to understand the demand. These sites or portals create FOMO among their customers and trick them to book flights quickly before prices get even higher. The reason it is advised to search flights in private browsers because cookies are reset each time you re-open an incognito window. Next time you want to book a flight, first search in incognito mode, close all your tabs, and then in the new tab proceed with your bookings.

2. Email yourself a scan of your passport and ID

Scan your passport, identification card, and important documents and email them to yourself. It prevents you from losing or forgetting your original document, You can always show copies you have on your phone in hotels so that you may not lose it. Also, download and keep an offline copy with you on your phone.

3. Get vaccinated

It is advised to get vaccinated because many countries require you to get vaccinated in order to visit them, it is mandatory to show a vaccination certificate before travelling to another country, and nobody likes falling sick in a foreign country.

4. Always carry a portable charger

Nowadays, mobile is the most important device, and if you are in a foreign country it is a lifesaver, I mean you don’t want yourself to be running around in a foreign country with a dead phone. To avoid these circumstances it is advised to travel with a portable charger.

5. Download Google Maps for offline use

We all know the internet is everywhere, but while travelling there are gonna be some places that have bead reception or no cell towers. So just to be on the safe side, it is a good practice of downloading google maps offline on your phone while visiting a particular place or area. All you need is enough storage on your phone.

6. Fight jet lag with exercise

Jet Lag is a temporary sleep problem that can affect anyone who quickly travels across multiple time zones. Jet lag can cause daytime fatigue, an unwell feeling, difficulty staying alert and gastrointestinal problems. Jet Lag can be prevented by exercising or getting yourself into physical activity so that you can overcome fatigue, insomnia, and other jet lag symptoms. And Drink plenty of water.

7. Use Downloadable And Digital Guides

Digital travel guides and audiobooks have strongly changed the industry and have profoundly modified travellers’ habits. These audioguides gives you information about cities, museum or a tourist attraction without hiring a paid tour guide. These audioguides are very commonly found in museums and are generally free or included in your entrance fee.

8. Ask hostel staff for information 

Hotel staff are mostly local and they generally know the city pretty well, also if you are staying in a decent hotel they might have a concierge whose job is to give information about local attractions to the guests. Hostel staff deal with budget travellers all day, every day. They know exactly where to go for cheap meals and attractions. Ask them for all sorts of information. Even if you aren’t staying in one, just pop in and ask for help. They’ll usually give it.


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